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Maternal Instinct

Maternal Instinct

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About our products  

Reproduction of a piece of art by Cuban painter Leo Ferrer.  
Cotton or polyester canvas  

 All our pieces are printed on high quality cotton or polyester canvas with a matte finished. We also offer the option of adding a protective gloss finished for even a better and longer durability.  
We use a professional inkjet printer that offers the best variety of  colors with longer durabilty on the global market. 
The piece comes unstretched and with 1.5-inch white borders.  
We offer completely free shipping services throughout the United States.  
Our works are hand-packaged in art shipping tubes to ensure maximum care. 

About Maternal Instinct 

 In Maternal Instinct, maternal love is shown through a game using diferent signs. For instance, it is not the bird that gets the nectar from the sunflowers but instead, it is the one that provides the sun itself to the them so that they continue to live. In this way, the hummingbird becomes the representation of the mother, the sunflowers in that of his children and the sun in all the essence, vitality and love of the mother herself.

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