Leo Ferrer

-He is a professional tecnitian, specialized in painting and canvas since 1983. He graduated from Drowing and Painting at The Profesional Art School in Santiago de Cuba .  


-The artist has a  great skill in using profesional methods of art and  Adobe software programs to achieve the  expected effects. 

 -He has participated in  more than 7 collective exhibitions and he has also done more than 5 exhibitions being the main principal artist. 



Leo´s Galley

 -Founded in 2022 by the cuban painter Leo Ferrer and David Ferrer, graduaded from Art & Humanity at the University of Havana. 

 -Leo´s Gallery was created to get to our customers the excellence of the caribbean art. In our store we offer pieces that are different from the rest of the market so you can feel the exclusivity of your decoration. 

 -The artis lives in Denver, Colorado. 



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